Fixing Nokia Social App (3 Failed & 1 Works)

Nokia has a built-in integrated application for users to communicate with their social media account. It called Nokia Social App. By using this, you can upload picture taken directly from camera and share it into some social media services that you registered on it before. Couple months ago, I'd experiencing a weird problem when I tried to uploading picture to my facebook account using my Nokia E7. The Social app become useless since it only show loading screen for some seconds and then it suddenly quitting without any reasons.

No clue given about what's wrong with this. So, here below was my experiment on how to solve the problem (and it's a real evidence shows that Nokia Suite App is suck :)

1. Reinstall Social App
I tried connecting my E7 to Nokia Suite via USB cable.

And would like to get download and install Social Networking Client app from Nokia Store.

After reinstall process finished, opening Social app but it still stuck after loading window.

2. Fresh Install of Social App
Tried to delete Social app from the phone and looking for changes on Software updates from Nokia Suite. And voila, it said that there's apps available to update.

The good news was New Social app were ready to install.

Just need for couple minutes to download the New Social.

The installation had finished and the greeting messages gives a promising word that this cure will solve the problem.

Tried to open Social app but it still the same stuck after loading window.

3. Reinstall Phone Software
Still connected to Nokia Suite and choose Software update from menu bar. Since my E7 contains latest version, so there's no option to update except reinstall.

Reinstalling phone software require 398 MB packet size to download. The best things you can do from now is just...waiting.

After a quite phone reboot, it will show status saying that the phone is in "refreshed" mode.

Tried to look Social app, still hung after loading window.

4. Factory Mode
Last attempt, like all phone technician will do by using reset factory mode! Backup your phone first before doing this. Accessing factory mode from Menu :: Settings :: Phone :: Phone Management :: Factory Settings

Vice versa and it works!

So far, this problem wasn't in Social App package. The bad news: Nokia Suite couldn't resolve that. Something "mysteriously" linked between core phone software with the Social app. The factory reset will fixed it, but I suggest to Nokia engineer to fix Nokia Suite first before user like me can get mad because of this.

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