2 Days Research: Delphi Defeated Kylix

My hesitancy about kylix was over. After several days getting deeper with hard-code researched, finally i decided not to use this compiler for my next project in my company.


1. It was not running well on fedora core 4. The IDE's was hard to see, the fonts looks to creepy and also lots of bugs (hangs every time you want to exit). It is not totally recommended used to developing & deploying an application indeed. Even they said it well, it was a commercial though. I had tested on mandrake 10.0, but it was seems unstable too. I am predicting about the incompatibillity matters with linux, but unfortunately there are no more extra-times to have a linux beauty contest again. We are so running out of time now.

2. Borland as the corporation which producting this compiler has stopped their supports since they feels that millions of bugs resided inside the engines. This statements (from someplace kylix milist users group www i forgot) answered the question, why does the version ended on a number of 3, while delphi still growning up with their latest version (version 8).

3. There are complicated structures of dbexpress standard component about connecting to differ mysql database. In fact, the mysql 3.23.xx was rather supported than others versions. I'm not planning to use any external components since (again) we are really really have not much time to do a selection sessions.

4. The kylix core was built using the same way structures as the wine did (windows emulator) in order to nativelly supporting to win32 api a la linux version (CLX instead of VCL), so we can say that kylix just not more than an emulator. My researches had proven that the kylix cpu's load was more heavier than if we use linux running delphi emulated with crossover. While the database connection speed on linux was slower 50% instead of windows.

Those aspects explained above was done in a extremely short time by my self. Some how it just concluding that it is better to developing an application using delphi rather than kylix.

Anyway, i'll leave jakarta for a week to studying about delphi & kylix more deeper in yogyakarta, precisely placed on the Bugs Training Center. And the trips will started this afternoon.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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