God Damned F*cking Insurance!

Imagine that you and your family covered by health insurance. In your think, it aint no worried about what would be happened if someone got sick. Just go to hospital, get a doctor, and waiting for the medicine or maybe have a nice rest in a treatment room if needed. No money will spent! This is an ideal condition likes others think.

What about - in the next couple weeks - you have an incoming insurance bills to pay? You might says "god damned f*cking insurance!". This is my recent problem and let me straight it from the beginning.

My company gave an insurance facilities to the workers since it used to be many many years ago. Something happened at the end of the last year regarding to health cost rising significantly and the officials decided to change the insurance provider to the new ones.

Finally, the beauty contest of it held and a winner had been choosed. Not so long time, the terms from the provider was released (and probably approved by the officials - some dirty officials - because of some tricks).

A few months ago, my son got ills and he had to taked care intensively by stay at hospital for 5 days in 1st class room (as my plan limited to, there were no lowest class since it was already filled). I had no worried at all at that time because everything covered by this b*tch insurance, I though - I also used to called the insurance staffs to reported that I ran my plan higher and they permitted to do so.

Couple days ago, there were came the statements said that I had to pay the debt less (some confused costs since it had no bill lists sent and it was totally different with others details, approximately Rp. 1,2 millions!). The weird things was, it happened not only with me. Some of my friends also received that sh*t "love letter". It was not a matters of the amounts for me, but why? The staff which handled the jobs seems to be unwell responded after I tried to confirmed it. What the hell is going on?


Eko Wahyudiharto
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