The Keyword is Sinergy

Just at a certain time, the minister of state-owned company organization had declared "the sinergy" word in order to strength the (state) finances betweens state-owned companies which have an agreement to work together collectively. This might be a better way to made some more benefits for each of it.

Like the ways my company did, there were also agreements created within others state-owned companies. In fact, still there is no real action to do until know (perhaps, they could be sleeped after had a long...long...deep studies).

Last week, telkom had sent the delegations to meet my company officials including both directors it self due to sinergy mission. They offered wide signal network coverages which can be use to transmitting our data by online way (technically called VPN dial). However, each meetings finished with "yes, we agree, sir!" word, nor what would be happened until we know how much we pay for that (it must be damn-big money will sacrified).

It is true that we have to comprehensively analyze whether the telkom sinergy is relevance or not both from the technology and finance. At least, it is equal with the future company target: "ONLINE DATA".

(Any opinions widely accepted)


Eko Wahyudiharto
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