Kylix, Delphi or PHP? (Part II)

The interesting parts why I prefered to use kylix rather than others is because its "dual" operating system ability supported. You might say, "web based application also multi platform ready". But, the point is, there a huge advantages you can get both from libraries aspects, hardware interrupts, and also supports from the internet if you using kylix. The webs are very highly depending from the internet browsers since its interpretated locally.

Let me explains it one by one:
1. Kylix primarily targeted to linux, while delphi is for windows. However, they both is actually build from the same languages. There will be no problem to implementing it. Just compile kylix code to delphi and you will get a windows applications and so on for the contrary.
2. A highly expansions functionality to develop. I planed to use it since kylix/delphi have their large capability to control the hardware. My idea was integrated the application with queue systems. It just for the future features.
3. Lots of friends you can asks out there on the internet. Many of them had several experiences in delphi/kylix both from databases, hardware interrupts, printing methodes, the win32 API's it self and mores.
4. My team had a good background of visual programming. Although their skills was fine with power builder, I though it was enough to covered the jobs.

Hopefully that my schedules succeded to having the system released for this mission. Sometimes, i'll tell you the secret behind the technology as my planed already. Any comments regarding to this 2 last articles are widely accepted.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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