Kylix, Delphi or PHP? (Part I)

Toward my nearest missions about developing an application in order to supports online data in my company, all the more hesitated thinks grown up more bigger in my minds. The missions it self begin on the next September 14th, signed by our team (me and others 4 peoples) will have a journey to yogyakarta to have "brain storming" about Kylix. My biggest question was, "am I doing right way to choose up kylix as the script compiler?". I used to planed about using this since i've got no choice others than build with it or developing a web based applications such as PHP. Beside, LINUX had decided to choosed officially as the legal operating system used on 800 mores branches spread through all over indonesia.

Anyway, here was a short resume about what was happened in my division - functioned as the center of strategical IT decision maker - due to development of online system.

I am not planning to build by web based application, because of some reasons:
1. I am just the only one in my division who know about PHP programming. So, I don’t want to become a busiest man who develop with my own hands.
2. I am preparing conditions where the online connection will not ready in closest time.
3. The operators is a "sharp-tongued" end users. They want everything exactly at the same time. It is a hard-pleased to announce if sometime the application get some troubles. I mean the quality and computer minded skills is much lower than the banks labors.
4. Due to list #2, there will be posibility hacks sessions if some trouble-maker going to get trough the server since the script stored locally. The connection methode is batch-processes.
5. There will be more time spend out to coding since the notes transaction is not ordinary papers and it have to become identically the same way with DOS application printing - ended at the EOL - such as pascal, clipper, etc.
6. The webs are predictly will running slowly because it consists lots of modules & reports. I am telling about thousands modules, hundreds reports and complicated databases, just likes the old one application.
7. Last but not least, guest what? There will be no appreciation from everyone! Ha..ha.. This is a governmental organization and the appreciation expectation is low. Believe me.

The reason why I choosed kylix will continued to the next episodes. Right now is 02.51 am, I have to get sleep for morning awakening. See ya...


Eko Wahyudiharto
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