My Weapon, My Money Maker Machine

Who said that old laptop was useless? My laptop powered by old pentium III 600 Mhz with 128Mb RAM & 20Gb hard drive. It was trademark of Micron inc. I knew that publics don't recognized this brands, but it used to famous name, right on the years I bought it at 2000.

I was bought it new from the computer market in yogyakarta at the price of Rp.8 millions. Until 6 years withstand with my hands, it second-hand price just not more than Rp.1,5 millions. Yes, it is indeed so saddening to hear that.

However, lots of project ordered finished with this old machine. Someway, it was assisted with my others old machine too (look at the pictures below). This desktop I bought at year 1998, functioned as a server now. It is powered by pentium III 800 Mhz, 512Mb RAM & 80Gb hard drive. And LINUX Slackware 8.0 inside of it, stills faithfull to serve me.

At the same year I had laptop, I also bought a Siemens SL45i cellphone. It costs Rp.3 millions at that time. But, since 2002, finally I replace the functionality to become my GSM modem for some projects.

My mobility jobs also helped by 2 flash storage trademark of Kingston. The disk capacity are 128Mb and 1Gb. I liked the brands since its offered special featured to working from pure DOS, inspite of the speed access it self.

Until know, there are more than 40 projects done by this all old machines and it was seriously my money maker machine.

Just in order to complete my communicaton and entertainment life, finally I had bought PDA phone HP 6365 series equipped with 1Gb secure digital card and a PMP (Portable Media Player) from Archos brands name (Gmini 500) with 40Gb storage inside it. It is brings me full entertainment show in my trips go to anywhere, and also full support to blogging activities.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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