Dosemu (pities…), past and present

Dosemu is stands for DOS emulator, it's a kind of virtual machine which emulating the DOS processes. Dosemu had an excellent performance to running 16 bit application compared to others emulator likes qemu. I believed that because I had proven it. The projects it self laid on an international open-source community called sourceforge.

Dosemu used to developed by a team contains 5 members. The one I recognized named Mr. Stas Sergeev. He used to be a senior programmer came from rusia. I often made some contacs with him in order to support my project to transforming DOS application running from windows os to LINUX in my company. I knew him in earlier 2006 from dosemu support millist. You can read some of my question in here.

My last contact with him happened about 2 weeks ago. He told me that he went out from the development team since he had a great polemics with the project manager (I also tried to made a contact with the project manager too regarding about new over coming release programs, but none of an answer replied). His action continued by the other team to moved out from the group. I bet that it had cracked by now. And it supposed that the projects development will died slowly (too bad for me). Nevertheless, the development team currently supported by 3 peoples now.

However, Mr. Stas Sergeev explains about dosemu and the tricks was too important for me. So, this page I dedicated personally to him.

Thanks a lots Mr. Stas Sergeev.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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