Short Reviews: Age of Empires Pocket PC Edition

Probably, this is my most favorite strategy games ever for my pocket pc. It is so awesome games! It is looked identically with the pc version - except the multiplayer is absent for some reasons -, however the screen is zipped to 320x240 pixel in landscape mode.

I got this for somewhere out there on the internet for a long time ago, moreover the exact address was forgotten. They came with approximately 20mb installation disk. Fully completed both from the video intros, the overviews and the manuals, also the champagne and the scenario included in it.

It was said that the games compatible with ARMS processors and common CE operating system, so it was my device too (HP iPAQ 6365 with Ti OMAP 168 Mhz processors runned Windows CE 4.2/2003) - except it was not expected to run in Windows CE 5.0 -. Overall, it played smoothed with no rough graphics.

I used to play this on my spare time, oftenly simultaneously when the battery been charged. From it started until it ended, ussually takes about 2 hours to win the games. Mostly, it decrease approximately 40% of battery life if the battery is not plugged to the craddle charge.

Moreover, this is a must the games you have. No one games offered more fun than this. Believed me.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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