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After 2 days seriously getting deeper with the development of Indonesian Taxes official web design contest (pajak.go.id) which took on my saturday and sunday weekend, it progress seems to be significantly rises.

The hardests point ~ the creating of the template pages ~ has passed. All I have to do next is just put the raw data into the database and make some adjustments. The raw data it self contains of 180 pages! With all resources laid on a microsoft word document prepared before after capturing real data from the real site. Anyway, I thought that the overall progress has reached about 45%.

The funniest things about the contest was that the participants ought to send the creation results in cd's. It is totally weird since the scripts and database's will not run on a media except the web server hosting. In order to do so, I'm planning about to still upload both scripts and databases to visualized the real condition result, while cd version which contains static pages have to be completed to meet they needs. It is similar to company profile cd and hoped that they can also spread the cd to some related officials. It is an added value and become promotion media for me, because my blogs link placed on each pages.

However, my primary target is not the prizes. My objective mission is my publicity. Known by publics is priceless and become a great investation for my future career, moreover if I win the competition too.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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