Spinning Priorities

After a full day blogless - temporary got rest since back to jakarta - yesterday I goes worked. There was no special jobs to do, just tried to collected some informations related to my next incoming project named SIAGA (Sistem Informasi Awas GempA) which will planed in Sibolga, north sumatera.

The progress about it sounds to be good enough since I was ordered to made a soft copy of presentation with power point and sent to my contact at sibolga. And he will soon describe it to the local government parliaments. If the project is goal, it will be my next bussiest month.

Actually, there is a lots of works will have to do beside preparing the SIAGA. I have to finished my pajak.go.id web design competition before September 30th next month and also have to completed the GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) project I got from someone when I visited yogyakarta in next October.

The rest of it just finalize, maintenance and socialization my official duties such the corporate website, e-learning, the holding company PT.ERA website and LINUX projects. My next big incoming official project is re-writing the corporate front-end applications. The top management had decided this way since the old one could not supported real time data online transaction methode.

My future plan to do so is using Borland Kylix compiler. You know why? because LINUX had been set up in a great number computers in branches. I will not recommended to build it with web based technology since just only me who have the skills and considering about short of existing programmers.

However, recently the vice president ordered me to build an SMS services for customers. Ahrgghhh... This kinds of situation makes my head spinning. What is my first priority?


Eko Wahyudiharto
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