Secure Your Web Applications (Part I)

This is my 1st day at Yogyakarta couples months after it hitted an earthquake and merapi erruptions in the same time. This city had grown me up for about 6 years and significantly resulted lots experiences in the field of information technology especially for software development.

In my 1st years college on 1998, I begun to self-learned HTML programming since there was no chart of college lessons listed. My 1st online homepage was hosted at geocities free hosting.

Though it was not my only core skills, a progress due to web based applications demands had increased after I had been get deeper touched with PHP scripting, recently until now.

I always make the web application security issues as 1st priority to do jobs. After being developed severals web applications, I able to resume some points to make it secured, they are:

1. Always work with register global set to off. Although lots of settings you can configure such turning off the pre-compiled messages, warning, errors and notice codes, etc, this might be a good step to securing the variables used.

2. Minimize the javascript scripting used, since it's client browser processing. More small scripts used, more secure the application are.

3. ...

To be continued tomorrow posts.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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