Flexter Inviting

Last night, I was invited by Telkom to the Dwiki Darmawan concert titled "Menembus Batas" held at Plenary Hall JCC Senayan. I was there because I was registered as a flexi user for some couple months. Actually, I was 1 from 62 who won the lucky draw of the months. So, the ticket it self which costs Rp. 400.000 was totally free for me.

The concert logo

During waiting the shows, I had been gathered with others flexters (flexter mean telkom flexi user community). They came from several cities outer of jakarta, just exactly the way likes me. Majority flexter age averages at teenagers. Some of them had been works on some companies, while others stills act as an university student.

It's me, right on the left side...

The concerts begun at 08.00 pm and recorded live at SCTV. Overall it quality was excellent such the audios, musics, backstage lightings and also the concert arrangement directly conducted by Dwiki Darmawan him self. However, it was finished at 10.00 pm after some local famous artists shown them voices and all the audiences was satisfied.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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