Official Duty... Yogyakarta, I'm Coming

Tonight, i'll begin my journey to yogyakarta to have meetings with the UGM IT staffs (a.k.a PPTIK) which will hold on next tuesday. It's about an official duty with missions benchmarking processes of my company e-learning projects compared to the UGM e-learning application known as ELISA (don't know exactly what is ELISA stands for).

It is one of my last several official duty with different missions. Last trips before, I was running jobs for migrating LINUX OS on several branches at jakarta. It was 3 months ago, and it will be re-schedule again to be continued nearly next month.

Anyway, it is my always priceless journey. All of my necessarities would be guaranteed by the company. It is the time to gain more profit. You know what I mean? I don't have to mention it,okay?

Well, it will be my next blog posts when I reach yogyakarta - directly write & send from my PDA iPAQ 6365 using Simpati Telkomsel GPRS likes I always did. Just for notice, it took about 9kb to post a note. So it's similar to 9kb x Rp. 30 = Rp. 270. However, more cheaper than I have to use public internet café. See ya.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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