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Today become my last day in yogyakarta. After couple days getting around the city, looking & sometime capturing for the cracked or fell down building with my kodak digital camera. It might be seriously horrible situation when the deadly earthquake was happened. Anyway, i'll leave the city at the evening.

However, a full list of goods from my wife had been completed to seek. It would be a gift for my neighbour which resides next to me.

Nevertheless, i had prepared for the noon meeting with the UGM PPTIK staffs due to my missions benchmarking the e-learning projects i developed.

Some technical question related to it has been listed. Such as:

1. What kind of technology used behind the development? What programming languages and backend they used? And also, including it version for each question. Why they choose so?

2. Anything relevance with the implementation, likes what they used for the hosting? The web server and the server it self? How they manage users? What about the user training?

3. Some security issues to keep out any intruders or hacker attacks the server and the application. How they realized that?

4. Topics about statistic. Some of it might be related to online page hits. Are they use ping publications?

5. Any suggests to improve the application functionality? What kind of maintenance they did periodicly?

I think the question above is enough to representation the real condition will be. Hope to be answered with the programmers and the technician too. See ya at Jakarta.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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