War Movie

Do you know something? I really likes movies, especially based on true story war movies. I used to collected the original VCDs since I was colleges.

Some of my collections is related to 2nd world war such as "Saving Private Ryan", "Pearl Harbour", "U-571", "Enemy at the Gates", "Schinder's Lists", "The Rising" and also 5 series of "Band of Brothers". The rest of it just some stories about what battles had happened in the last decades likes "Black Hack Down", "Behind Enemy Lines" and "Rules of Engagement". A typically ancient battles story I had also is "Brave Heart" and "Joan of Arc's". Two thumbs up for those movies because they had made a fine quality one and also bring up one big question, "why do we fight?". It's kind a human morality messages mixed with it. Nevertheless, a historical education it provided sometimes may still need to us.

I missed very well since there was no new war movies produced in the last years. I hope there will be a new good film which takes story about the truth of gulf war or just a kind of the reconciliation missions of east timor or libanon.


Eko Wahyudiharto
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